Important Notice: Process involves for the correction or change in consignee and destination for Africa.

Note :

※ 大阪→神戸までの回送費は船社負担になりま す。
Shipping line will bear the transportation charge from Osaka to Kobe.
* B/Lの訂正は1回につき2,500の手数料が発生致します。(A amendment of B/L is charged 2,500.)
H/H CARGOは台数に限りが御座いますのでお早目のBOOKINGをお願い致します。
(Since we have limited spaces, please inform us as soon as possible if you would like to book for H/H CARGO.)
* B/Lの訂正は1回につき2,500の手数料が発生致します。(A amendment of B/L is charged 2,500.)
S/O CUTは出港日の3営業日前となります。(S/O CUT will be at least 3 business days prior to the port departure date.)
* 弊社に通関手続きをご依頼頂く場合は書類CUT日の午前着で必要書類をお送りください。
(Please submit the documents for export to us at least in the morning of the DOCUMENT CUT date.)
(If you have in case of T/S or etc, please kindly bear the payment.)
ご依頼をお受けできるかどうかは船舶スペースの空き状況によりますのでご了承ください。またしカット日までにすでに船舶スペースが 埋まっている場合はご対応出来かねますのでご了承ください。
(Please note that your shipment request depends on the vessel space. Company will accept no claim if vessel space is already filled before reaching the cut date deadline.)
(FWT will not be responsible for penalties applied at discharge port.)
(Kindly note shipping line no longer accepts vehicles with ROOF CARRIER and ROOF BOX.)

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