Pre-export Inspections

Pre-export inspection services from Japan refer to the process of inspecting goods or products before they are exported from Japan to ensure compliance with specific standards, regulations, and quality requirements of the importing country. These services are typically conducted by independent inspection agencies or organizations authorized by the government or international bodies.

FWT Logistics provides the following Pre-export inspection services.

RORO Shipping Services

Repair & Maintenance

Following Inspection related repair and maintenance is handled by FWT Logistics.

  • Panel Paint Jobs
  • Body Panel Work
  • Electrical Trouble Shooting
  • Wheel Alignment and Tire Change
  • Carrier Canopy and Box Removal
  • Fluid and Hydraulic Maintenance
  • Other Light Mechanical Repairs
  • Car Wash
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Spare Parts Ordering and Installation
  • Engine and Transmission Repair & Change
  • Accessory Installation and Light Customization

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