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Marketing Department

Shiraishi Kouichi

General Manager Marketing and Operations


Daud Hirata

Senior Manager Marketing


Hisatoshi Matsubara

Senior Manager Marketing and Operations


Hiroyuki Shigeta

Senior Manager Marketing and Operations


Transport Department

Endo Hiroyuki

Executive Officer Transportation


Booking Department

Hirofumi Kanetsuki

Assistant Manager Booking and Space Management

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Operation Department

Omar Khan

Chief Operating Officer

Ohta Makoto

Corporate Officer

FWT Logistics is a leader in premier international freight forwarding services, recognized for its unwavering commitment to excellence. Our adept experts navigate the complex world of global trade, ensuring seamless border crossings for precise and compliant deliveries. Our steadfast commitment to providing top-tier international freight forwarding services positions us among the industry's elite, earning recognition as one of the best freight forwarders. Our robust global network, an intricate web spanning continents, and advanced technology that grants unrivalled transparency into shipments and their journeys set us apart. Our freight forwarding services are tailored to the strategies that align with your unique needs, extending beyond transportation to optimize the entire supply chain. At FWT Logistics, we foster partnerships, deliver promises, and propel your success, embodying the essence of distinguished forwarders and logistics services providers. Embark on a transformative international trade journey with FWT Logistics, an unabridged logistics partner that delivers excellence.

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