One Window Operation

One Window Operation

FWT Logistics offer following services to our clients by assigning a dedicated export officer to each individual customer. Our staff will then coordinate the entire export process from start to finish on behalf of the client. By doing so FWT saves customers valuable time and eliminating the stress of coordinating export activities with different parties.

  • Transportation Service
  • Yards Storage Options
  • Photos Facilities
  • Stock Management
  • Shipment Planning
  • Secure Booking
  • Competitive Freight Negotiation
Export Processing
  • Export Documentation and Handling
  • Inspections and Repair Management
  • Custom Clearance
  • Bill of Lading Management
  • Account Management
  • Claim Management

Connect with Our Skilled Freight Forwarding Team

Marketing Department

Shiraishi Kouichi

General Manager Marketing and Operations


Daud Hirata

Senior Manager Marketing


Hisatoshi Matsubara

Senior Manager Marketing and Operations


Hiroyuki Shigeta

Manager Marketing


Transport Department

Endo Hiroyuki

Executive Officer Transportation


Booking Department

Hirofumi Kanetsuki

Assistant Manager Booking and Space Management

045-548-9977 / Fax : 045-577-0036

Operation Department

Omar Khan

Chief Operating Officer

Ohta Makoto

Corporate Officer

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